Independent Living Apartments

The Independent Living Apartments (ILA) are apartments that Mesa County CJSD rents and sublets to the clients.  The ILA houses male and female offenders at two separate locations within the community.  This program provides clients with the opportunity for another transitional step back into the community, which is consistent with best practices.  These apartments are checked on at least twice per day by CJSD staff who make sure clients are sober and that the apartments are clean.  Visitors must be approved and curfews are enforced.

This program helps offenders develop the necessary life skills that are necessary before they take the final step in the program, which is to transition into their own apartments.  The ILA is run efficiently as the revenues usually absorb all of the cost to run the program.  Sex offenders and statutorily violent offenders do not participate in this program.  There are between 30 and 40 residents housed in this program at any given time and this is for both males and females, but they are housed at separate locations.