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Community Based Services

Community Based Service programs offer monitoring services of various levels to a variety of offenders who live in the community. Our goal is to keep the community safe while offering offenders the chance to rehabilitate and restore their harm to the community.  From Community Service to Community Corrections, CJSD offers a variety of services for low risk to high risk clients.  Some offenders are sentenced directly to the program by the Courts, some defendants are supervised on Pretrial status, while other are referred for services from other local agencies.

CJSD utilizes evidence-based practices in the supervision and monitoring of offenders, and we supervise clients according to Colorado State standards as well as department policies and best practices.  Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD) also uses electronic devices, including a Global Positioning System (GPS) to monitor offenders in the community.

Clients may access all services offered by Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD) and must maintain employment and attend appropriate treatment programs. Community Based Services clients must adhere to the monitoring rules that apply to their level of supervision. Case Managers are assigned to oversee each of their cases.

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What We Do

Clients are court ordered to check in with Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD) on a daily basis and are given urinalysis tests, breathalyzer tests and pay fees for the services. This is used as a sentence in lieu of jail, as a condition of probation, or while waiting for a bed to open in the Alternative Sentencing Unit or for progression from the Work Release program (ASU). 

This is a program that is overseen by the District Attorney’s office. Offenders are placed on this program as part of a plea agreement. While on the program, they must meet certain stipulations ordered by the court. Once all stipulations are met and the sentence is completed successfully, the offender may request that his or her record be sealed and the offense will be taken off his or her record. Offenders may terminate early if they have completed all of their required obligations, including at least half of their sentence. Consent must also be received from the District Attorney’s office, the victim and the Judge for early termination. 

Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD) utilizes Electronic Monitoring equipment to track defendants and a variety of offenders in the community. Our systems include the ability to monitor home curfews, alcohol and Global Positioning through an ankle monitor. These systems allow us the ability to monitor and track an offender 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Electronic Monitoring is used as a sentence by the courts in lieu of jail, criminal justice program referrals and Pretrial monitoring as a condition of bond, as well as for monitoring some of our residential and non-residential clients out in the community. 

Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD) operates 18 apartments that are rented to the clients. The clients placed in these apartments are usually released from our residential programs. The apartments are used as a transitional piece before the client is placed fully back into the community, allowing the clients to further obtain life skills while under more intensive supervision. Supervision includes daily checks by staff, regular breathalyzers, eye scans and urine screens, along with case management and treatment services. 

Clients who do well on the residential program are released to their residences and check in at the Community Based building depending on their supervision level. Staff also go out in the community and conduct checks on the clients at their residences and places of employment. Supervision includes regular checks by staff, regular breathalyzers, eye scans and urine screens, along with case management and treatment services.  Visit the Non Residential Community Corrections page to learn more.

Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD) offers detailed reports to the courts for defendants who are arrested and have to see the Judge at their arraignments. The reports offer recommendations of bond conditions as well as community stability information, and criminal history, etc. Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD) also offers supervision services to Pretrial defendants who are assigned Pretrial Supervision as a bond condition. Such services may include electronic monitoring, regular check-ins, treatment services, substance testing, etc., as ordered by the court. Visit our Pretrial Services page for more information.  

This program was started in 1998 in conjunction with the Mesa County District Attorney’s Office. It is a Board consisting of community members that meet with sentenced offenders in order to assign them Useful Public Service. The purpose of the Restorative Justice Program is to have offenders discuss their criminal behavior with members of the community in which they have harmed and to be assigned an appropriate job site based on their unique circumstances. 

Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD) offers breathalyzer screening, eye scans, urine screens and ankle monitoring for alcohol. The eye scans check the eyes for irregularities and trigger urine screens. Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD) has seen a significant increase in detecting illegal drug use since the implementation of the eye scans in 2004. Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD) completes over 20,000 eye scans over 10,000 urine screens and over 100,000 breathalyzers each year to offenders in the community. If you would like more information about substance testing at Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD)  read our Substance Testing brochure for more information.