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650 South Avenue (Powell Bld)
436 South 7th St (Chipeta Bld)
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Department 5018
P.O. Box 20,000
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In June, 2007 an expansion of community corrections is completed adding 92 additional beds to the Powell facility increasing the capacity to 212. The expansion allowed the capacity for women to go to 44. In addition, 48 beds where built to be used for the new substance abuse treatment program named Summit View. 

The Summit View program was a product of the Mesa County Meth Task Force (MTF) which was a community-wide effort to address the local methamphetamine problem by providing and intensive residential treatment program.   The County Commissioners at the recommendation of the MTF and the local criminal justice agencies funded the construction by diverting funding away from a planned jail pod construction. 

In August, the work release program was moved to Sheriff’s Department which operated the program out of the old building which was originally opened in 1981 at the corner of 6th Street and Pitkin Avenue.