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Non-Residential Services &
636 South Avenue (Bridger Bld)
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone:  (970) 244-3346
Fax:  (970) 245-5626

Residential Services
650 South Avenue (Powell Bld)
436 South 7th St (Chipeta Bld)
Phone:  (970) 244-3300
Fax:  (970) 263-7467

Mailing Address
Department 5018
P.O. Box 20,000
Grand Junction, CO 81502-5001

Frequently Asked Questions

Employment Opportunities Frequently Asked Questions

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CJSD encourages potential or new applicants to take a tour of our facilities. This will give them better insight and understanding into the position for which they have applied for. Please contact us by e-mail at the address below to if you are interested in scheduling a tour.

All Mesa County employees receive an annual evaluation each year by their supervisor.  Raises are based on merit (earned by performance).

When a person is hired as “On-Call”, they will be used in various ways to fill in gaps on our normal schedules. On-Call staff will be given opportunities to cover vacations, sick leaves or other scheduling gaps when they are needed. On-Call staff dictate if they can cover those shifts and when they are available for work. On-Call staff are not full time and receive no benefits.

Upon your hire date you will start accruing sick time at a rate of 10.63 hours per month.  This rate does not increase regardless of your length of service with Mesa County.

Upon your hire date, you will start accruing vacation time at a rate of 15.58 hours per month.  No vacation time will be allowed within your first six months of employment.  Then, based on length of service, vacation accrual times will increase.

Mesa County pays all of its employees once each month.  This is usually on the last Friday or the first Monday of the pay period.

A rotating shift means that an employee “rotates” from one shift to another after a period of time. For example, a Criminal Justice Officer will be scheduled to work Graves usually for a two month period, and then the next period they will rotate to working a swing shift usually for another two month period.

Shift work is not a conventional 8:00 to 5:00 schedule. This means that our staff work Day Shifts (7:30am to 6:00pm), Swing Shifts (1:00pm to 11:30pm), and Graveyard Shifts (9:30pm to 8:00am).

Mesa County offers a comprehensive benefits package to all of its full time employees. This includes Retirement Savings, Vacation and Sick Time.

Mesa County offers benefits to all full time employees that include: Medical, Dental, Vision and Life insurance.  Employees may opt out of these benefits if they are covered through another insurance plan or do not want insurance.

Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD) works with all types of offenders, including Felony and Misdemeanor offenses.  Offense types include drug offenders, sex offenders, domestic violence offenders and violent offenders.