Current COVID-19 Data and Department Information

Mesa County Criminal Justice Services Department

Updates will be done every two weeks

Latest Revision:   09/08/2021                  Next update:  09/22/2021


Residential Community Corrections Covid Facts:

  • Residential intakes continue on a case by case basis and quarantined on arrival as necessary.
  • Summit View/IRT Program Operations and intakes continue.
  • Outpatient Treatment Programs Continue but may be on-line.
  • The State Health Department sent a Response Team to this program the last week in June to begin a weekly Covid Testing Clinic. The testing clinic will continue each Wednesday in the month of July for both clients and staff.
  • The State Response Team offerred an on site vaccination clinic to clients and staff on Wednesday July 7, 2021. 




Current Situation since last update

Dayroom Quarantines for  COVID-19 exposures

  Clients that tested    positive for COVID-19 and were placed in isolation








CJSD Community Covid Based Facts: 

Address: 636 South Avenue, Grand Junction, CO  81502   Phone: (970) 244-3346  Email:

Hours:  Monday through Friday 8 AM to 6:00 PM.  

All programs and services are open and available. In an effort to reduce person to person contact, most business can be conducted by phone or email and it is the preferred method of contact at this time. However clients who do not have access to remote options are welcome to come in person. Please wear a mask when you come in but if you do not have one, one will be provided for you.

The public is welcome to call for explanations, requirements and any questions regarding specific programs.

  • Intakes: Pretrial, Diversion, Deferred Judgement, Useful Public Service (UPS) and Electronic Home Monitoring can be by phone, by email or in person during business hours
  • Drug Testing: Substance testing continues as required
  • Client Meetings with staff: May be done by email, phone or in person during business hours
  • Property Drops Off for Residential Clients: During normal business hours

Ongoing CJSD Safety:  The continued health and safety of our staff, program clients, their families and the public is our highest priority. As a result this building will be undergoing some construction to help increase and maintain on going social distancing.

For specific information regarding please see specific information on the CJSD Pandemic Response Plan on this website.