Community Corrections Board

Community Corrections Board Three legs corrections acceptance criteria

What Does The Board Do?

The Mesa County Community Corrections Board (MCCCB) makes decisions about whether offenders from the 21st Judicial Distirct (Mesa County) are eligible for placement in the community corrections program.  The Board also oversees all local community corrections programs, and audits them for program compliance with state operational standards.

How Are Referrals Processed?

Protecting the public is paramount to the Community Corrections Board as it makes its decisions.  Referral information is provided to the Board staff to prepare the cases for review by the Adult Review Committee.  There are two primary types of community corrections offenders: diversion and transition.

Diversion cases involve offenders who are diverted into a community corrections program in lieu of a prison sentence.  Information on these cases is provided to the Review Committee by the local Probation Department.

Transition cases involve offenders who are already serving a prison sentence and are eligible for transfer into a community corrections program (as they transition out of prison and back into the community).  Referral information is provided to the Review Committee by the state Department of Corrections (DOC).

When a referral is received, Board staff prepare the case for review and may seek additional information or clarification for the Review Committee.

For more information on the Community Corrections Board, read our brochure.

Colorado Association of Community Corrections Boards presentation from April, 2011.

To contact Community Corrections Board Staff, please call (970) 244-3340 or e-mail