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Mesa County Community Corrections provides custody, security, and rehabilitation services to sentenced offenders, ensuring the opportunity for all classification of clients to maintain employment, pay room and board costs, pay restitution, court fines, provide for family support and have access to educational and therapeutic resources.

The objectives of the Program are to provide an adequate level of community safety, deter criminal activities, modify behavior, and rehabilitate sentenced offenders using a variety of residential and non-residential services.

The Program uses a cognitive and behavior modification approach, emphasizing client responsibility, which is focused on developing the client’s desire for self improvement through the use of various incentives that must be consistently earned by the client.

Diversion offenders are referred to this program from District Court in lieu of a sentence to prison. Transition offenders are referred to the program from the State Department of Corrections after completing some of their sentence in prison. Male and female clients are housed in the program which offers an intense level of supervision, treatment referral, and on-site rehabilitation services.

All Offenders are assigned to a Case Manager that will assess and develop the appropriate supervision plans to assist the Offender with addressing his/her criminogenic risk factors, employment, treatment, and transitional needs.  The goal is to prepare the Offender for transition back into his/her community and reduce the risk of future criminal behavior.

Female Offenders placed into the Community Corrections program are housed in a separate building and receive gender specific services to include trauma treatment, life skills, parenting skills, family re-integration, in addition to the basic core services.

Community Corrections does provide services and housing for the following specialized populations: Sex Offenders, Domestic Violence Offenders, and Offenders with Mental Health Needs.

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