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The Mesa County Useful Public Service Program (UPS) assigns and monitors sentenced offenders to complete public service work pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes, local court policies, and state and national practices. Per statute, UPS programs must maintain self-sufficiency through client paid fees and other program charges, while providing a wide range of services to the community.

The program utilizes Restorative Justice Principles and Practices. Court ordered community service work can and should be beneficial for all involved parties: the community agency; the courts; the program; the client and in some cases the victims. To that end, the program seeks out appropriate work sites to place clients and provides information and support to these sites.

The program administration and staff are committed to maintaining a professional and supportive atmosphere, while administering consistent and fair treatment of clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I report to do my Community Service?
We are located just south of Pitkin Ave., between 6th and 7th Sreet, accross from the Police Station.  The address is 636 South Ave.

How much do I have to pay?
If you are sentenced to 20 hours or less of Useful Public Service, the fee is $60.00.  For cases with more than 20 hours to complete, the fee is $100.  These fees include insurance costs and the costs to run the program, per Colorado State Statute.  CJSD remains one of the cheaper programs in the State.  Most other programs charge $120.00.

Can I get my hours extended?
Yes, by asking permission from the courts or your Probation Officer.  CJSD will help you with this process.

Can I purchase any of my hours?
Yes, but only for first time offenses.  This must be a Mesa County case and must have at least 30 hours.  Your charge cannot be domestic violence, any felony, theft, or criminal mischief.  You may purchase groceries equal to half of your hours.  CJSD was approved by the courts to offer a program that would provide for local charities, such as the food banks and domestic violence shelters.  Many local charities rely on the food donated through this program and it goes to a very good cause in our local community.

What will happen if I don't complete my hours on time?
CJSD will notify the courts.  The judge in your case will usually initiate a warrant for your arrest (or grant an extension if you have requested one).  If you are on Probation, you could face a violation if you do not complete this stipulation of your sentence.

Where can I do my Community Service?
We have over 100 possible sites in the Grand Junction area.  You will be assigned to a site based on need in the community, your skills and availability.  You may not work at sites where potential conflicts of interests may arise, such as job sites with friends or family members.  We will usually not allow work at for-profit businesses.

If I am disabled, are there options for me?
Yes.  We have several sites with light duty assignments.  We can work with you individually to find and appropriate place to complete your hours.

Do I have to go through Mesa County Criminal Justice Services to do my Community Service?
Yes, if you are over 18 years of age.  You must turn in your paperwork to us and we will provide you with verification that you have completed your hours.

If I am on Probation, do I have to sign up at Criminal Justice Services?
Yes.  We will keep your probation officer informed of your progress.

What is Restorative Justice?
Restorative Justice is a principle that emphasizes restoration and repair for the offense against the community it was commited.  This process should involve the offender, community members and in some applicable cases, the victims of the crime.

Who is qualified to serve on the Restorative Justice Board?
Any interested citizen of Mesa County, over 18 years of age, with no felony convictions in the past 7 years, no more than 2 misdemeanor convictions within the past 3 years, not currently under investigation for any criminal activity, and willingness to serve on the board at least once per quarter.  CJSD will process requests and will make the ultimate decision of who is allowed on the Board.

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